Body Massages

At Karma we provide a wide ranges of Body Massage treatments , to suit every one of you . Our massages are done using best pure organic , Non Toxic rich essential oils. Different essential oils have different purposes that can range from treating common ailments to helping uplift your mood and promote relaxation to mind and body.

Indian Head Massage

Duration 30 min

$ 40

Relaxing , de-stressing massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders , to relieve tension and re-balance the bodies’ energy by releasing any negativity or stress. Mentally and physically relaxing, the therapeutic touch relieves stress and tension, leaving a feeling of peace, wellbeing and an increase in energy levels.

Back Massage

Duration 40 min

$ 50

This treatment focuses on the lower and upper back & neck to treat and relax any stress and tension. With our wide collection of rich organic essential oils .


Duration 45 min

$ 60

Reflexology massage is by applying pressure to the feet using specific pressure points that correspond to all parts of the body. It is based on a system of body zones and reflex areas . It includes stimulation of all reflex points, followed by a relaxing, soothing foot massage.

Well Being Massage

Duration 60 Min

$ 80

Relaxing massage Helps soothe away physical and emotional stress. It employs a great variety of relaxing methods using a combination of different massage techniques to effectively and therapeutically treat and calm both the body and the min . Healing hands ease muscle aches and tension, working out fatigue, improving flexibility, and releasing toxins.

Pregnancy Massage

Duration 60 min

$ 90

This comforting massage has been specifically designed to pamper Mums-to-be and is suitable after the first three to eight months of pregnancy.

To start, a back massage eases away aches & pains followed by a soothing head, neck & shoulders massage. A hand & arm massage aids the release of tension and is finished off with an exfoliation of the feet and a gentle massage of the lower legs, , and finally¬ with a relaxing scalp massage, leaving you calm and relaxed.

Balinese Massage

Duration 60 Min

$ 100

This is full body massage for Reducing stress, muscle & joint pain .This is a holistic treatment which uses the fine blend of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy for stimulating the blood flow and oxygen in your body. We use our best organic aroma scented massage oil which will be very calming and healing to your mind and body.

Balinese massage works to calm damaged tissue, and ease strained muscles and joint pain. It even boosts your circulation further helps in reducing stress and balancing your body.

Aromatherapy Massage

Duration 60 Min

$ 70

With our best organic therapeutic aroma oils we give a warm massage , to create a deeply relaxing experience, and our oils are chosen to the client’s needs. This massage promote health, well-being and vitality.

Healing and hydrating

Duration 60 min

$ 90

This warm massage is a dynamic blend of healing, hydrating and repairing , with one of our nourishing organic spa massage oil Packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, It aids to rejuvenate the skin and body.

Hot Stone

Duration 60 min

$ 100

Harnessing the properties of the stones , the stones are warmed up to the right temperature and placed them on key energy points of the body to harmonize the spirit. The stones give up their power and warmth to tired and tense muscles, promoting inner tranquillity. Then with a firm rhythmic massage sequence, the treatment excites every sense and provides a unique aromatic journey for the client .

Thai herbal pouch massage

Duration 60 Min

$ 110

Thai Herbal Pouch Massage is more of a therapeutic treatment that combines the elements of aromatherapy, acupressure, muscle and connective tissue massage, and Shiatsu techniques. This massage therapy is carried out in combination with an oil massage. The herbs and essential oils present in the pouch help in providing relaxation to both your mind and body.

Aroma of herbs cleans the respiratory system, and thus affects the entire body. These herbal pouches also absorb all the sweat and toxin from your body thus helping in detoxifying your body.

This massage works great in easing joint pain, treating arthritis and even burning the stubborn fat- as the heat from pouches melt away excess of body fat.