Organic Spa

10% discount on all products

Introducing a luxurious certified organic and vegan range exclusively formulated for the professional salon and spa experience. With the attainment of organic certification by an independent approved body the OFC and vegan assessed by the UK Vegan Society, the range is made using the finest certified organic extracts combined with 100 % naturally derived ingredients. Many reactions, redness, sensitivities can be caused by chemicals, such as fragrance and parabens. Choosing organic helps to eliminate these unnecessary ingredients, creating a safe, effective product from the best that nature can offer and organic is also about what is NOT included

Excluding the following ingredients from our formulations puts us ahead in current world certification standards, other governing bodies are open to allowing synthetic or nature identical raw materials into their cosmetic products.

We stock the full range of OrganicSpa in-store!

10% discount on all products

Karma Beauty and Day Spa

Karma Beauty and Day is professional salon only skin care cosmetic range. If you are interested in ordering from the range please complete our Mail Order enquiry form at the bottom of this page. Let us know about any skin concerns you may be experiencing so we can help make sure you have chosen the best products for yourself. Alternately you can contact us directly on 93106735 or 0406755112 to assist you!

OrganicSpa Mail Order enquiry form

We are thrilled and delighted you wish to re-order our products. To place your mail order from the OrganicSpa range, please select the products you are interested in purchasing from the list below and let us know of any skin concerns you are experiencing.

A member of our team will be in touch shortly about your chosen products. Alternatively you can speak with us directly on 93106735 or 0406755112 to assist you.

A.C.E. Serum / 50ml - $84.95Beauty Balm (Fair) / 50gm - $44.95Beauty Balm (Medium) / 50gm - $44.95Biohydra+ Serum NEW SIZE / 30ml - $79.95Blemish Control / 15ml - $32.95Body Butter / 250ml - $42.95Body Moisturiser / 200ml - $34.95Body Salt Scrub / 250ml - $42.95Clay Mask / 75ml - $39.95Cream Cleanser / 200ml - $47.95
Cream Mask / 75ml - $44.95Day Moisturiser / 50ml - $39.95Eye Balm / 15ml - $47.95Eye Gel / 15ml - $47.95Eye Treat / 15ml - $57.95Face Exfoliant / 75ml - $39.95Foam Cleanser / 150ml - $42.95Gel Mask / 100ml - $44.95Hydrating Toner / 150ml - $42.95Intense Moisture / 50ml - $39.95
Lactic Gel Cleanser / 100ml - $44.95Moisture Control / 50ml - $39.95Moisture Rich / 50ml - $39.95Night Renewal Treatment / 50ml - $69.95Pro Renewal Cream / 50ml - $69.95Rosehip Oil / 50ml - $54.95Skin Brightening Cream / 50ml - $79.95Soothe Lip Balm / 15ml - $26.95Vitamin C Serum / 50ml - $79.95Wrinkle Defence / 50ml - $79.95

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